It is undeniably true that in the current scenario of the extensive usage of online social-media-strategymarketing platform, one can see that both large and small businesses utilize social media to market their products and services. At the same time they also make use of email marketing campaigns to attain visibility, but they do not understand the importance of pooling the resources of these two mediums of marketing effectively. Instead, they make certain common blunders which lead to the wastage of time, money and valuable resources. Therefore, it’s imperative to study how to make optimum use of the integration of social media adequately with the email marketing process to generate leads and generate maximize ROI.

4 Mistakes Marketers Make When Integrating Social Media and Email Marketing

There is no denying the fact that the majority of marketers aim to use social media extensively to market their company and products but fail to synchronize the whole process with email marketing strategies and the result is a loss of online business opportunities. Let’s take a look into the mistakes marketers make when integrating social media and email marketing, so as to avoid them and make optimum use of their integration.

  1. Integrating Social Media and Email Marketing by Not Focusing Only on Selected Mediums

It’s quite natural that when marketers are using social media and email marketing, they try to make their presence felt in each and every platform not realizing that they can easily be wiped out off the plethora of social networking sites. It’s true that the internet has got the greatest number of websites and platforms for marketing with each having the a vast appeal for millions of users worldwide. But marketers make mistakes by trying to be visible everywhere, not realizing that if their target base is active on Linked In, then it is of no use to make active participation in Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. So, need is to focus on that medium only which is actively utilized by your target customer base.

  1. Turning a Deaf Ear to the Recommendations of Revered Sources

It is also a common blunder on the part of the marketers to ignore the suggestions either made by clients or the subscribers or other revered sources which have an in-depth knowledge of what they are doing and if they make any recommendations, then there is a need to listen to them to get desired results. Otherwise, the marketers would just take risks by not following the strategic procedures and waste their time and resources by filling out the subscriber’s inbox with trash and don’t know what to do with the content effectively.

  1. Not Having an Immediate Redressing of Complaints

It’s really significant to redress any complaint received from your subscribers and if the marketers do not bother about it, then the obvious result is declining in click and open rates and forget about your lead generation. These days marketers are working hard to integrate marketing automation into their systems so that they can not only reach out to people and convey their message properly but also redress the complaints. One such tool which is very much used is Hubspot. Hubspot is #1 marketing automation tool and almost all big and small business who are content focused are using it. You can also use Hubspot CRM and read about a beautiful comparison of  Hubspot and Infusionsoft talking about all the important stuff to help you make a better choice.  It must be understood that social media platforms give you an opportunity to engage in conversation with your potential customers by trying to present them the best possible information about your company. So, if any of your subscribers have filed a complaint against you using public platforms, then there is a need to address that complaint and that too using the same platform with your best attempts to address it effectively. But, by failing to do so, you can spoil your reputation of being the best in the business.

  1. Not Actively Engaging in the Social Sites

Another common blunder by marketers is that they do not take active participation in social sites and occasionally seem to be visible. This means that if you have posted a blog once in 2 months and have added pictures of celebrations of your company’s great success party of 2 years back, then who would visit your website. It’s important to understand that people need constant and updated information about your company, products and services from your website which they can’t get anywhere. They need to  be kept engaged with informative content and the latest updates to encourage engagement on their part and this can be done if marketers take optimum utilization of their resources by keeping them updated on social networking sites.


Therefore, the marketers need to be consistent, precise and focused and take care of avoiding the aforementioned mistakes while integrating the powerful mediums of social media marketing and email marketing to generate maximum ROI.